Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Even though we prefer and recommend that you use our website to make an order, you can always call us on 696 9297 if you wish to do same via phone.

The necessary will be done so that your order total amount is sent to you as quickly as possible.
Yes, of course!

If you wish, send your order on
Yes, as long as your order amount is more than our minimum order amount.
Our minimum order amount is Rs500, excluding delivery fee.
Yes, of course.

Depending on the item, it will be listed with the portion you can order :
- LB (Livre)
- 250GM (Demi livre)
- 150GM
- PC (Piece)
- PK (Packet)
- BQ (Barquette)
- BT (Bottle)
- PL (Plate for eggs)

You can choose any portion and indicate the quantity you want for that portion.

Only thing left to do is to Add to Cart. :)
Yes absolutely! There are 3 ways you can do this:

1) Group the quantities for each item in the same cart
2) Make a different cart for each person. In this case, you'll have to checkout for each person separately.
3) If ever any of the carts is less than our minimum but the total of all carts is more than our minimum, then it's best you send your order via email on - The necessary will then be done as quickly as possible.

Note: At checkout, you can also add any special instructions for our prep team.
You can pay by
- Juice by MCB
- Cash on Delivery
- Bank Transfer

For each payment mode, special instructions will be given at checkout.

For Juice and Bank transfer payments, always include your Order Number as transaction reference.
Payment via Juice or Bank Transfer:

  • As soon as you place your order or
  • As soon as our team notifies you of your delivery.
Note: Remember to include your order number in your transaction.

Cash on Delivery payment:

  • If you chose to pay Cash on Delivery, please make sure to prepare the exact amount beforehand.
  • This will help to ensure the best security for both you and our staff, specifically during lockdowns and sanitary curfews periods.
We deliver throughout the island, except during lockdowns and sanitary curfews periods.
  • Rs150 for all locations
  • FREE for orders as from Rs1750.00
We deliver throughout the island.

- However, during Covid lockdown / Sanitary curfew, we limit our delivery zone to protect our staff and customers.
- All deliveries shall be done on ground floor if your building does not have a lift.
Contact us immediately by phone (696 9297) or through our contact form. We'll be glad to help and sort out any issue.

We do our best to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. But human error may happen. Also, some bad products may not be seen during our Quality Check stage as we deal mostly with foodstuff.

Your feedbacks will always help us to implement measures to avoid them again.
For special orders, use our contact form. We'll then see if it's possible to provide and let you know as soon as possible.
We receive your order and start checking availability and items quality to be delivered.
Even though the item is listed and due to the fact that we provide fresh produce, there's a little chance that we won't be able to deliver it if it does not respect our quality standards on the delivery date.
If ever any of the items ordered can't be delivered, we'll contact you as soon as possible to find the best solution together.

Also, please refer to our Delivery Policy.
The waiting time varies between 24hr to 72hr. However note that we don't deliver on Sunday and on Public holidays.
Note: We can't guarantee the delivery delay during lockdowns & sanitary curfews periods.
If we can't contact you via phone (calls or messages) on the delivery date, your order will be cancelled.

We provide fresh produce and thus can't stock your order after it has been fulfilled.
Yes you can!

As soon as your order is ready for pickup, you'll be notified. Our location is displayed on our contact page.

Note: During Sanitary Curfew periods, we do only home delivery to protect our staff & customers. In this regard, please ensure the address you mention on checkout is correct.
Yes. Contact us via our contact form stating your location, name, phone number and what you produce with your prices so that we can revert back to you.